Ginga Soccer

We are people who are enchanted by the #GINGA of soccer

In recent years, Ginga Futebol com Alegria has achieved its initial aspirations, serving institutions and professionals, taking the Brazilian way of learning and teaching soccer to Brazil and abroad, enabling it to broaden its horizons, get to know its origins, starting to act also in sports specialization, building processes for training high-performance soccer players tailored for institutions, as well as in training professionals who love and want to play soccer in the Brazilian way. Now, aware of our purpose, we invite all people to build the soccer of our dreams, with Ginga Soccer. Are we going to be part of this story?


To preserve the identity of Brazilian soccer for all eternity.


To be a world reference in the Brazilian way of living soccer.

We value SOCCER with...


With the soul of little Valentina and sharing the same holy ground of birth as the Greatest Soccer Player of All Times, Jinga Waswina embodies the values of the leader Jinga Mbandi, and like all women who play soccer in our country, she will help us build the soccer of the future with freedom and the future of soccer with equity.