Ginga Soccer

Which was our path?

Our trajectory begins when our director, in his professional role in teaching soccer to children in the late 1990s, realized the need to systematize the process of sports initiation in soccer.

Thus, during his academic training and independent studies, some reflections and questions arose, including: how do we Brazilians learn to play soccer? How can we provide soccer education for children and young people that is effective and enjoyable? When performing a session of physical exercises with running, in Horto Florestal, in the city of Bauru-SP, there was the eureca: the name of a proposal to teach soccer, influenced by the movie Ginga: the soul of Brazilian soccer; Ginga Futebol com Alegria was born there.

Initially, the idea was to offer a proposal so that teachers could teach soccer in schools, with a pedagogical support based on the main contemporary theories aimed at teaching team sports and, mainly, with our identity, with the Brazilian way to play soccer.

This way of playing that is characterized by presenting creative and hitherto unlikely solutions to the problems that the game presents, such as that diagonal pass, in a small space between two players; the intelligent anticipation to steal the ball without fouling, the “pen” rolling the ball between the legs of the opponent with the sole of the foot or the disconcerting Ginga over the opponent, who, “hypnotized”, accompanies the player until he loses his balance and crumbles to the ground.

March 7, 2015

Ginga Soccer School

Thus, the pedagogical proposal Ginga Futebol com Alegria emerged, which is defined as a pedagogical proposal for the teaching and training of soccer based on the Pedagogy of the Game.

However, the proposal needed to have its limits and possibilities tested. And, for that, it needed investment, not just financial, but mainly, passion! There was no other person as passionate about Brazilian soccer as professor Rene Simoes. And it only took one meeting for him to become the investor and patron of the pedagogical proposal Ginga Futebol com Alegria to be implemented at Ginga Soccer School.

Ginga Soccer School was the pilot unit for the implementation of the pedagogical proposal. Inaugurated on March 7, 2015, the school was, for approximately 4 years, the place where we implemented, evaluated, studied, reorganized and reconstructed the pedagogical proposal, in the intervention with more than 120 children and their families, who had the opportunity to meet, experiment and contribute to its construction.

In recent years, Ginga Futebol com Alegria has achieved its initial aspirations, serving institutions and professionals, taking the Brazilian way of learning and teaching soccer to Brazil and abroad, enabling it to broaden its horizons, get to know its origins, starting to act also in sports specialization, building processes for training high-performance soccer players tailored for institutions, as well as in training professionals who love and want to play soccer in the Brazilian way.

Now, aware of our purpose, we invite ALL PEOPLE to build the soccer of our dreams, with Ginga Soccer. Are we going to be part of this story?